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JPL News & Current Events
Check out Jacksonville Public Library's main News and Current Events site. Chock full of great links for local and national news, sports, TV, radio, and international news sources, to name a few.
Magazine-style youth hang-out site which features message boards, quizzes, games, music, news, quotes of the day and more. Over 9 million registered users. Owned by Bolt Media.
Online magazine for teens based in Britain.
Smart Girl
Site for teen girls to express themselves, share ideas and advice and more. Sponsored by the NationalScience Foundation and the University of Michigan.
Spank Mag
Youth culture defined by youth. News, fun forums, reviews and more.
Teen Central
A place to get teen help for teen problems. What's it like being a teen today? Who knows better than other teens. Created by KidsPeace.
Teen Ink
A magazine written by and for teens, giving you the opportunity to publish your creative work and opinions on the issues that affect your lives.
Teen Magazine
Online version of the mag. Quizzes, games, news, celebs, poetry, and more. Owned by Hearst Corporation.
Teens Forum - for Girls
Site covering teen girl interests, boys, prom, body and soul, entertainment and more. Sponsored by
The N Mag
A place you can come to let your opinion loose, play games, make stuff, and hang out. This site is operated by Noggin LLC, a division of Viacom International, and is a companion to The N TV.
Information source by and for socially conscious youth: project of the nonprofit Independent Media Institute (IMI), which works to support independent/alternative journalism and improve the public's access to such sources.
Youth Noise
Nonprofit affiliated with Save the Children Federation, provides teens with a forum to express themselves and take action. Includes message boards and more.