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Jacksonville Public Library now offers news feeds to its customers. This will allow anyone with Internet access to keep up to date automatically with what is happening at the Library.

Using a news reader application, you can subscribe to any JPL feeds by following the subscription directions of the particular reader, or by clicking on the icon in the address box of RSS compatible web browsers like Firefox or Safari.

A popular RSS Reader is Feedly, but a list of others can be found here. Click on the desired feed below and copy and paste the url into reader you have chosen.

News reader applications and browsers differ in how you may subscribe to a feed, so please consult your reader's help section if you are having problems.

What is RSS?

RSS (Really Simply Syndication, or Rich Site Summary), is an XML (eXtensible Markup Language) document that lists several items for display. These items can then be imported into a Live Bookmark feed or an RSS reader (such as Firefox, Bloglines, or others).

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Other pages with news feeds:

If there are more subjects where you would like to see RSS feeds used, please Contact Us.

For more information on RSS: