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General Help

Access from non-JPL computers has been established for many databases provided by Jacksonville Public Library. Those databases that are only accessible from library computers will be marked with the text (In-Library Use Only) or (Main Library Use Only). To visit databases from home, just click on the link. Some remote access databases may require the use of a library card to use.

For databases that have two links, one labeled In-library and the other Remote Access, the Remote Access link will require a library card and can be used anywhere. In-Library links will only work on library computers, but will not require a library card.

When first visiting a JPL-provided database from home, you may be asked for a password, or come across a login screen. For example, some databases such as Mergent Online or NoveList require a valid JPL library card to access from home. Please type the entire card (including FJP) where indicated.

For Sunshine Pass card users, if your card does not work, please contact us.


Please note that some databases allowing remote access may require the enabling of cookies on home PCs. Please check your browser and/or anti-virus software to insure that cookies are allowed while attempting to use the databases from home. These cookies do not record private information while visiting the databases and are intended solely to allow you, the customer, access to resources provided by Jacksonville Public Library. If you have any concerns, please contact us.

If you are attempting to access one of our GaleNet databases and using Internet Explorer 6.0+, and are not able to access the databases which automatically allow remote access, you can authorize your browser to accept cookies for these databases by following these steps:

  • Click on Tools -> Internet Options... from your browser's command window.
  • Click on the "Privacy" tab.
  • Click on "Edit..." in the Web Sites section.
  • In the Address of Web Site field, type in ""
  • Click on "Allow".
  • "" and "Always Allow" will appear in the listing, indicating that cookies from this specific domain will be allowed.

This will allow cookies only from the Gale Group to be placed on your machine.
If you have any problems or concerns with these or any other databases, please contact us.

eBook Collections

Both the Digital Book Collection and the netLibrary eBook Collection require users to create their free account at a library branch.
Once your free account account is created, you can access your account from any computer.

  • To create an account for netLibrary, visit the resource, click on "Create a Free Account" and follow the guidelines.

For further assistance, please contact us.


To use the resource NoveList, your web browser must be one of the following:

  • Netscape 7.x (or higher);
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 (or higher); or
  • Safari 1.2x

Many commercial databases licensed by the Library for your use are unable to keep track of your individual session when you access them through some (but not all) proxy servers or firewalls. If you are trying to use the Library databases from work or home you may be encountering this problem without knowing it.

Access to the database is simply prevented when this situation occurs; there is no specific error message that you will see if you are encountering this problem.

Please talk to the Systems Administrator at your work to see if you are accessing the Library through a firewall or proxy server, and if they can offer a work around. If you are accessing resources from home, you may need to temporarily disable your security device while accessing it. Once you have finished using the resource, it is recommended that you restore your security device.

For more firewall information regarding ProQuest databases and access questions, click here.

Note: If you are accessing the databases from a bookmark or favorite, instead of coming directly from the JPL website, you may not be authorized to access the databases. Please bookmark the JPL web page instead of the database login page so that you can gain access.