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Music Associations & Societies

Jacksonville Area
National & International

Jacksonville Area

Delius Association of Florida, Inc.
P.O. Box 5621, Jacksonville, FL 32247-5621
(904) 745-7267
The Association honors Frederick Delius, the British composer who lived in the Jacksonville area during 1884-85, with an annual festival that features lectures and concerts of music by Delius and his contemporaries. It enjoys strong ties to The Delius Society and The Delius Trust, and "is open to all individuals who wish to preserve the music and memory of Frederick Delius, to preserve the historical Florida that influenced Delius, to promote excellent musical performance in the Jacksonville area, and to encourage aspiring musicians in their study, performance and composition."
Friday Musicale
645 Oak Street, Jacksonville, FL 32204
(904) 355-7584
Originally formed as a parlor group in 1890 as the "Ladies Friday Musicale," this is Jacksonville's oldest surviving music society. A brief history of the Musicale is included in a 1999 Florida Times-Union article, "Classical music has rich history in Jacksonville."
Jacksonville Cultural Council
300 West Water St.
Suite 201
Jacksonville, FL 32202
(904) 358-3600
FAX: (904) 353-5100
"The Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville promotes awareness of cultural activities and issues: arts education programs to area students; and funding and technical assistance to its affiliate organizations and local artists." Included on their website is handy directory of Jacksonville's Cultural Organizations (including music groups, series, and venues), and other Local Arts Resources.
Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra: Volunteer Groups
Local JSO support groups include:
North Florida Bluegrass Association
"Purpose of The North Florida Bluegrass Association:
To promote and preserve Bluegrass music.
To serve as an authority and community resource on the subject of Bluegrass music."
Contact: Toby Vanderbilt, president, (904) 284-8901
The North Florida Music Association (NFMA)
P.O. Box 49092
Jacksonville, FL 32240
NFMA "serves as a regional organization for the professional music community, promotes and generates support for the music industry in North Florida and elsewhere, and provides networking, cultural, and educational opportunities for its members. The NFMA is a non-profit organization."
Riverside Fine Arts Association
1100 Stockton, Jacksonville, FL 32204
(904) 389-6222
An "outreach of The Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd, began in 1994 with its mission to enrich the spirit and enhance the quality of life for all within reach through direct experience of artistic expression." The Association sponsors concerts and recitals featuring musicians of national and international renown.


Florida Accordion Association
Goals include promoting "public interest in the accordion through public awareness."
Florida Association for Music Therapy
Association "established in 1979 to insure professional services to the citizens of Florida by qualified music therapists. The FAMT seeks to advance the recognition and utilization of music therapy as an effective and respected treatment option, to broaden the awareness of music therapy within the public policy arena, and to provide music therapists with opportunities to enhance their professional skills."
Florida Music Educators' Association (FMEA)
Florida School Music Association (FSMA)
"FMEA is a not-for-profit, professional association that serves and supports music educators across Florida. FMEA promotes and publishes the Florida Music Director as well as music education research, organizes in-service programs, and broadens teachers' knowledge and interest in their profession through affiliation with colleagues."
"FSMA is a not-for-profit association of member schools that coordinates and oversees all interscholastic music activities in the state of Florida. This association sanctions the Florida Bandmaster's Association, the Florida Orchestra Association, and the Florida Vocal Association to sponsor District and State Evaluation/Music Festivals for bands, orchestras, and choruses in Florida high schools, junior high schools, and middle schools."
Florida State Music Teachers Association (FSMTA)
"The primary purpose of FSMTA is the advancement of music in the state of Florida through excellent teaching, learning, and performing."
"As an affiliate of the Music Teachers National Association (MTNA), FSMTA is a non-profit organization providing professional support for over 900 music teachers and their students"
Florida Vocal Association
A "component organization of the Florida Music Educator's Association. Its primary purpose is to promote and develop interest in choral and general music in Florida Secondary Schools."

National & International

Internet Public Library: Music Associations on the Net
Provides descriptions of and links to websites for associations of performing musicians, composers, and music scholars from around the world.
Musical Organizations and Professional Societies
Internet directory compiled by William and Gayle Cook Music Library, Indiana University School of Music.
American Music Therapy Association
"The mission of the American Music Therapy Association is to advance public awareness of the benefits of music therapy and increase access to quality music therapy services in a rapidly changing world."
AMS (American Musicological Society)
A "non-profit organization to advance research in the various fields of music as a branch of learning and scholarship."
ASCAP (The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers)
"ASCAP is a membership association of over 180,000 U.S. composers, songwriters, lyricists, and music publishers of every kind of music. Through agreements with affiliated international societies, ASCAP also represents hundreds of thousands of music creators worldwide."
BMI (Broadcast Music, Inc.)
"BMI is an American performing rights organization that represents more than 300,000 songwriters, composers and music publishers in all genres of music."
Electronic Music Foundation (EMF)
A "not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to increasing public understanding of the creative potential of electronic music, in its myriad forms and technologies, in our world."
IAWM (International Alliance for Women in Music)
"A coalition of professional composers, conductors, performers, musicologists, educators, librarians and lovers of music, men as well as women, the IAWM encourages the activities of women in music."
The International Association for the Study of Popular Music (IASPM)
"IASPM is an international organization established to promote inquiry, scholarship and analysis in the area of popular music. Founded in 1981, IASPM has grown into an international network of more that 600 members world-wide. On national and international level, the organization's activities include conferences, publications, and research projects designed to advance an understanding of popular music and the processes involved in its production and consumption."
International Computer Music Association (ICMA)
An "international affiliation of individuals and institutions involved in the technical, creative, and performance aspects of computer music. It serves composers, computer software and hardware developers, researchers, and musicians who are interested in the integration of music and technology."
MENC: The National Association for Music Education
Formerly Music Educators National Conference, the association's mission is "to advance music education by encouraging the study and making of music by all."
MLA (Music Library Association)
The "professional organization in the United States devoted to music librarianship and to all aspects of music materials in libraries."
Music Publishers' Association (MPA)
"Founded in 1895, the Music Publishers' Association is the oldest music trade organization in the United States, fostering communication among publishers, dealers, music educators, and all ultimate users of music.
"This non-profit association addresses itself to issues pertaining to every area of music publishing with an emphasis on the issues relevant to the publishers of print music for concert and educational purposes."
Music Teachers National Association (MTNA)
The "oldest professional nonprofit music teachers association in the United States." Its mission is "to advance the value of music study and music making to society and to support the professionalism of music teachers."
National Music Publishers' Association (NMPA)
"Currently representing over 800 American music publishers, NMPA has worked to interpret copyright law, educate the public about licensing, and safeguard the interests of its members. To insure a fair and orderly market for everyone involved in music publishing, NMPA is dedicated to the protection of music copyright across all media and across all national boundaries."
OPERA America
"OPERA America serves and strengthens the field of opera by providing a variety of informational, technical, and administrative resources to the greater opera community. Its fundamental mission is to promote opera as exciting and accessible to individuals from all walks of life."
Society of Composers, Inc. (SCI)
"Dedicated to the promotion of, composition, performance, understanding and dissemination of new and contemporary music."
The Songwriters Guild of America (SGA)
The "largest and oldest songwriters organization" in the United States. The website provides information about contracts and copyright legislation, and includes announcements of workshops and seminars.
Southeast Chapter of the Music Library Association, Inc. (SEMLA)
A "non-stock, non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the establishment, use, and growth of music libraries and collections of music materials in the Southeast. It encourages communication and cooperation with libraries and music collections not affiliated with the Music Library Association to determine how the Chapter may be of assistance to the individual library. ... The region covered by the Chapter includes the states of Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North and South Carolina, Tennessee and Puerto Rico."