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Visual Arts Pathfinder : General Sources

Art Reference | Finding Images | Researching an Artist | Work Authentification: Signatures & Monograms | Sales & Market Information

Basic Art Reference

Dictionary of Art / editor, Jane Turner.
703 D554Tu, 1996 [INFORMATION DESK]
A 34-volume set, this comprehensive reference source covers all forms of visual art.
The Oxford Dictionary of art / edited by Ian Chilvers. -- 3rd ed.
This single volume provides brief biographies of artists, art terminology, directories of art galleries and museums, and a chronology of events associated with major works. Subjects covered include painting, drawing, sculpture, and printmaking, primarily in the Western tradition. It touches on conceptual art and the like, but does not cover architecture, design, photography, or the applied arts.
The American Art Directory.
703 American [REFERENCE]
This directory lists North American art organizations, including museums, libraries, and academic institutions. Entries are listed alphabetically by state, city, and institution, and include address and contact information, subject specialization, collections, exhibitions, and activities. Indexes are provided for subjects and personnel, as well as for the organizations.
International Directory of Arts.
In 3 volumes, with irregular updates. This comprehensive directory includes listings for museums and galleries, information about art schools, art associations, major arts dealers, auctioneers, restorers, publishers, and art periodicals. The third volume indexes names of persons, and institutions and companies.

Finding Images

World Painting Index / by Patricia Pate Havlice.
750.16 H388w [REFERENCE]
An index of 1167 books and catalogs to help the user locate reproductions of paintings in books and catalogs by artists around the world.
Illustration Index / by Marsha C. Appel.
An index of illustrations that have appeared in the following periodicals: American Heritage, Gourmet Life, National Geographic, Natural History, Smithsonian, Sports Illustrated, Travel & Leisure, Travel/Holiday
Google Image Search
"The most comprehensive image search on the web."
Alta Vista Image Search
Finding Images Online: Directory of Web Images
University of Florida's Fast Internet Reference Sources : Graphics and Images

Researching an Artist

Artist Biographies Master Index / Barbara McNeil, editor.
An index to artists' biographical information contained within over 70 English-language reference books.
Index to Artistic Biography / by Patricia Pate Havlice.
An index to artists' biographical information contained within 64 works in 10 languages.
Contemporary artists / editor, Colin Naylor. -- 3rd ed.
709.2 A1C761, 1989 [REFERENCE]
Alphabetical listing of artists who are either alive or deceased no earlier than 1960; entries include: a biography, a list of individual exhibitions, public galleries and museums with permanent collections by the entrant, a bibliography of books by and about the entrant, and the entrant's statement on their work or contemporary art in general.
International Dictionary of Art and Artists.
709.22 I61 [REFERENCE]
Entries for artists are in alphabetical order and include: biographical information, museum collections, and publications.
Who's Who in American Art.
759.13 A1W628 [REFERENCE]
Contains over 11,000 biographies of American artists, critics, curators, administrators, librarians, historians, collectors, educators, and dealers; contains necrology section for previous entrants who died in the past 50 years. Usually updated every 2 years.
Who Was Who in American Art : compiled from the original thirty-four volumes of American art annual--Who's Who in Art, biographies of American artists active from 1898-1947 / edited by Peter Hastings Falk.
759.13 A1W628 [REFERENCE]
Contains nearly 25,000 entries of American artists, critics, curators, administrators, librarians, historians, collectors, educators, and dealers active from 1898-1947.
Artnet - Artists' Biographies
"Most ... articles are derived from the renowned Grove Dictionary of Art... Others have been specially commissioned for"
ULAN (Union List of Artist Names) conducting_research/vocabularies/ulan/index.html
"The ULAN is a structured vocabulary that contains around 250,000 names and other information about artists. The coverage of the ULAN is from Antiquity to the present and the geographic scope is global. The scope of the ULAN includes any identified individual or corporate body (i.e., a group of people working together) involved in the design or creation of art and architecture. "

Work Authentification: Signatures & Monograms

American Artists: Signatures and Monograms, 1800-1989 / by John Castagno.
702.78 C346a [REFERENCE]
Artists' Monograms and Indiscernible Signatures : an International Directory an international directory, 1800-1991 / by John Castagno.
702.78 C346a [REFERENCE]
The Classified Directory of Artists Signatures, Symbols & Monograms / H. H. Caplan.
702.78 C244c [REFERENCE]
European Artists : signatures and monograms, 1800-1990, including selected artists from other parts of the world / by John Castagno.
702.78 C346e) [REFERENCE]
"Including selected artists from other parts of the world"

Sales & Market Information

Mayer [Catalog]
700.29 I616 [REFERENCE]
Contains over 120,000 sales results from over 800 auction houses worldwide.
Davenport's Art Reference & Price Guide / R.J. Davenport.
707.5 D247d [REFERENCE]
An alphabetical compilation of over 150,000 artists; entries include the following information: birth and death dates, where they lived, subject matters, prices and miscellaneous biographical information.
"iCollector was one of the first companies dedicated to trading antiques, fine art and premium collectibles on the Internet."
News and information from one of the world's leading auction houses. For monthly sales records, click on AUCTION RESULTS; note that the prices are given in Euros. The site includes a Glossary of Auction Terms.