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An online Search Engine creates its list from the World Wide Web (WWW) by using programs called robots ('bots) which scan the text of all websites the Search Engine has looked at. When these 'bots find pages that contain the word(s) you were looking for, these pages are returned in a list of results, normally ranked according to their relevance.

Some Search Engines help organize their results into clusters. A cluster is a group of results that are centered around a common subject. For example, a search for 'Jacksonville' using such a search engine could organize clusters around the following topics: the Jacksonville Jaguars, the City of Jacksonville, Homes, Businesses, and others.

Different Search Engines may have different collections of webpages, so not all information found on one Search Engine will necessarily be found on the others. Finally, the list of results may be created by different methods; some Search Engines count the number of pages linking to the page resulting in a popularity list, while others may count the number of times the desired word(s) appear, resulting in something possibly even more relevant to the user's request.

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