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Email, Internet Security, and Internet Safety

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Jacksonville Public Library does not offer email accounts to the public. However, patrons may access web-based email at any of our public access computers.

Free Web-based Providers
Fast Mail
Lycos Mail
Yahoo Mail
Services in Spanish
Additional Free Services
(Requires invitation from an established Gmail account to create account.)
(Requires downloading free software at home to create account; need a modem and a telephone.)
Commercial Services

These Internet providers allow web access of your email while away from home.


Recently, free email providers like Hotmail have begun charging for accounts. They still have free account options, they are just harder to spot on the sign up pages.

It is very important when using free email services that you keep track of your password and ID, and also that you delete messages and empty your "trash" on a regular basis. If you lose your password/ID, or if your mailbox becomes too full, you will not be able to access your free email. These free email providers generally don't offer a telephone number you can call for help, which means you'll basically have to start over with a new account.

CAUTION: If you're accessing your free email account from Jacksonville Public Library's public access computers, when you are finished, please log out, then close your browser. This will help to prevent any individual from accessing your email account.

Internet Safety for Adults, Teens and Children

Click image for presentations.
Internet Safety

Internet Security

Internet Security
JavaCool Software
A Web-based company that distributes free anti-spyware and ad-ware programs.
Homepage of one of the largest companies dedicated to protecting innocent consumers from malicious software.
Microsoft Antispyware (beta)
The homepage of the newest anti-spyware software from Microsoft.
Secure Florida
Our Mission: To protect the citizens and economy of Florida by safeguarding our information systems, reducing our vulnerability to cyber attacks, and increasing our responsiveness to any threat.
Social Networking Sites: Safety Tips for Tweens and Teens
The Internet is the world's biggest information exchange: many more people could see your information than you intend, including your parents, your teachers, your employer, the police - and strangers, some of whom could be dangerous. The Federal Trade Commission, the nation's consumer protection agency, has created this list of safety tips for children and adults.
Spyware Warrior
A Web-based company that distributes free anti-spyware programs.
Homepage of the company behind Norton - one of the largest and most reliable anti-virus and other malware software distributors.
Alternate Browsers
For more alternative browsing options, visit the World Wide Consortium's website.
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