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Demographics Now  Demographics Now
Geographic Business Intelligence for:
• Business & Marketing Plans — fast and easy formatted reports available in seconds!
• Determining where you should locate your business.
• Understanding your customers better — How much do they earn? How much do they spend?
• Analyzing new markets…should you expand to other areas?
• Targeting direct mail and advertising programs — to the customers most likely to buy your product/service.
• Identifying where your competitors are located.
• Great for territory sales planning!
• Lifestyle customer segmentation categorization used by the professionals.

Popular Culture Universe: Icons / Idols / Ideas (In-Library Use)  (Remote Access)
The PCU Decades Pages are one-stop guides to the icons, idols, and ideas of each decade from the 1920s to today. They provide helpful overviews to each decade as well as quick reference lists of the major films, movie stars, TV shows, songs, books, Broadway shows, awards, fads, new products, discoveries and inventions, new words and phrases, fashion trends, sports champions and awards, and obituaries for each year within each decade.