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eBooks on EBSCohost®

To create a My EBSCOhost account:
  • Click the Sign In link in the top toolbar of EBSCOhost.
  • From the Sign In to My EBSCOhost Screen, click the Create a new account link.
  • The Create a New Account Screen displays with Personal Account entered in the Account Type field.
  • Fill in the fields on the Create a New Account Screen.
    When you have completed the fields, click Continue.
  • If all the information was accepted, a message appears that provides your user name and password. Click OK
  • You will be automatically logged in as a personal user. You should note the user name and password you created so you can log in at a future session.

  • Passwords should be five or more characters, with a mixture of upper and lower case letters and numbers, for example: PeterP301.

What are the system requirements for downloading eBooks on EBSCOhost?

In order to download eBooks from EBSCOhost, you must have Adobe Digital Editions 1.7.1 or higher installed on your computer.
Adobe Digital Editions is a free download and is available here.

What are the available formats for viewing NetLibrary eBooks?

The following formats of eBooks are available for viewing:

  • PDF
  • HTML
  • DjVu

The DjVu format makes up a minimal portion of available eBooks and requires a special free plug-in from Caminova, downloadable here:

When viewing the eBook details, you will see viewing requirements. If Adobe Reader is required for online viewing, it's PDF format. If DjVu is required, it's DjVu format, and if no requirements are listed, it's HTML.