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Daily Life Through History (An ABC-CLIO Database)

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ABC-Clio: Daily Life Through History

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Book of the Dead [Jon Bodsworth/The Egypt Archive]
Ancient Egypt

Ancient Greece
An image on a postage stamp released by Greece in 1960 to celebrate and commemorate the Summer Olympic Games held in Rome. [Marisa Allegra Williams/ ]

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Daily Life through History explores ordinary life through time, bringing the past to life through details and insights that turn flat descriptions of historical characters into real, “just like me” human beings.

What did people eat, wear, or use? What did they hope for, laugh about, or sing in the shower—or did they even have showers? These are the kinds of questions inquisitive students of history ask, and the information to answer these inquiries is precisely what is missing in many available reference resources.

Life in the Ancient World,
10,000 BCE - 500 CE

  • Aboriginal Australia
  • Ancient Egypt
  • Ancient Greece
  • Han Dynasty
  • Roman Empire
  • The Fertile Crescent
  • The Indus Valley

Life in the Medieval World,
500 CE - 1400 CE

  • Black Death
  • Byzantine Empire
  • Carolingian Europe
  • Dynastic China
  • Early Muslim World
  • Heian Japan
  • Medieval Europe
  • Mesoamerica and South America before 1500
  • Mongol Empire
  • Viking Age

Life During the Renaissance,
the 15th and 16th Centuries

  • Inca Civilization
  • Ottoman Empire
  • Reformation
  • Renaissance Europe
  • Mesoamerica and South America in the Age of Discovery
  • North America in the Age of Discovery

Exploring New Lives,
the 17th and 18th Centuries

  • Age of Sail
  • British and Dutch Africa
  • Colonial Australia
  • Colonial North America
  • Enlightenment Europe
  • Spanish Inquisition
  • Tokugawa Japan

Revolutionary and Industrial Lives,
the 19th Century

  • 19th Century Latin America
  • American West
  • Atlantic America
  • British India
  • Industrial America
  • Qing China
  • Victorian England

Life in the Modern World, 1900 - Present

  • 20th Century India
  • 20th Century Japan
  • 20th Century Latin America
  • China in the 21st Century
  • Colonial and Post-Colonial Africa
  • Contemporary America
  • Europe in the 20th Century
  • Islam in the Modern World
  • Japanese Internment
  • Modern Russia
  • Modern Vietnam
  • Soviet Union
Earliest FeministEarliest Feminist The Black DeathThe Black Death