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Career Transitions

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Career Transitions

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  Video Game Designers
Video Game Designers
Web Developers
Web Developers
Court Reporters
Court Reporters
Radio/TV Announcers
Radio and Television Announcers
Electrical Installers
Electrical Installers

To Learn More About the Database First...

Career Transitions is a self-paced application that walks job-seekers through the entire process from assessing strengths and interests, to exploring new opportunities, to ultimately improving the chances of landing a job.

A comprehensive career resource that allows you to search for and track jobs, create targeted resumes and cover letters, practice and master interview techniques, explore and identify career paths according to your interests, experience and what?s in demand, and find schools and education/training programs. Career Transitions is your one-stop-shop for finding a new job/career or for finding expert tips on how to set yourself apart in an increasingly competitive job market.

Search Jobs

Write a Resume

Get Help and find tips and examples. Find the right words and approach with sample resumes.

Write a Cover Letter

Get Help and find tips and examples.

Interviewing Tips and Advice

Read Tips & Advice in many different categories, such as Job Searching, Applying, Interviewing, Networking and Career Strategies.

Interview Simulation

. Practice answering behavioral interview questions using the proven STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) method and get feedback on your answers, so you'll be sure to ace your next interview.

Discover a New Career

You can get an idea of which fields are likely to add jobs in the coming years, and discover careers that are suited to your own personal interests and experience.

Assess Your Career Interests

Take a simple and quick survey about whether you would like or dislike certain work to find careers that would be a match for you in the real world!

Browse Career Paths

Explore the U.S. Dept. of Education's 16 Career Clusters to find Career Pathways, and learn about Green and Emerging careers.

Match Your Experience to New Careers

This section can help you if you have previous work experience or have served in the military, but are looking to transition to something new.

Search Schools and Programs

Access information about schools and specific educational programs, and browse a library of hundreds of online education courses from ed2go, a leading distance learning provider.