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Ancestry® Library Edition

To access Ancestry® Library Edition page now,
click the logo or link below (In-Library Use Only):

Ancestry Library Edition
Ancestry® Library Edition

In the future, you may navigate to this database:

  • Click E-Research on the green Resources menu
  • Access the database from the alphabetized list
Ancestry Library Edition

To Learn More About the Database First...

Once you have entered the website, you have access to the menu at the top. Click on Learning Center for information about:

  • New Content
  • First Steps provides you withnb a series of online classes that teach you what you need to know to get the most from
  • Next Steps gives you searching information for Census Records, Immigration Records, Finding the U.S. Military heroes in your family, and Vital Records.
  • Our Social Network provides you with educational videos from family history experts and much more.
Learning Center

Search Tips For Using Truncation and Wildcard Characters
  • * You can use wildcards to view all words that begin with the same stem. For example, a search for char* will return hits on words like Charles, Charley, Charlie, Charlene, or Charlotte.
    • You can search alternate spellings with the asterisk (*), which represents 0 to 5 unknown characters.
    • A query for Grif*n will search for Griffin and Grifen, and Griffan among others.
    • The use of wildcards is restricted to keywords and names and you must specify the first three letters.
  • ? If you want to search for names that differ only by one letter, use the question mark (?) wildcard. A search for Ta?lor will return both Tailor and Taylor.