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Jacksonville Public Library Foundation | Gift Book Program | Buy It Now | Library Tote Bags
Friends Groups | Volunteer Opportunities | I love JPL blog | Donation Policy | Frequently Asked Questions
National Library Week Video Winners | Look Who's Supporting JPL

Jacksonville Public Library Foundation Logo

Jacksonville Public Library Foundation, Inc.

Through advocacy, fundraising and building relationships with those who share a passion for the libraryís work, the Jacksonville Public Library Foundation is the philanthropic organization founded to provide financial support that is crucial in helping to sustain the important work of the public library so it can become the thriving center of learning that is the hallmark of a great city.

The Jacksonville Public Library Foundationís mission is to strengthen the ability of the Jacksonville Public Library to serve as an educational and cultural resource for our community, and promote the use of library resources, enthusiasm for reading, and increased literacy for all Jacksonville residents. Managed by the Board of Directors, the Foundation is wholly independent of the Library and its Board of Trustees.

Your generosity allows us to preserve this resource thereby ensuring that Jacksonville has a world-class public library system. Gifts to the Foundation are tax-deductible. Learn more at or phone 904-630-1995.

Image of Books With Bows

Gift Book Program

Give the gift of lifelong learning by making a donation to the Jacksonville Public Library Foundation towards a book, e-book, CD or DVD for the libraryís collection. Itís a unique way to celebrate or honor family or friends, your favorite organization or significant life event. Itís also the perfect gift for the person who has ďeverything.Ē Itís green, sustainable and supports lifelong learning for all members of the community. A customized bookplate featuring your message can be placed in the item. And itís easier than everówe now offer online credit card payment.

The minimum suggested donation is $25 which covers both the book and processing costs. Library staff will purchase a book from one of the subject areas you suggest. Click here to make your donation.

Donation Policy

Frequently Asked Questions

Buy It Now

Have you noticed the Buy It Now button on the library’s online catalog? It’s a great new way to support the library when purchasing books or any other items from It’s simple – almost like magic – and here’s how it works: If you’re searching the library’s online catalog for a book, CD or DVD  and you decide you’d like to own your own copy, just click the Buy It Now button beside the item. You will be redirected to where you can complete the purchase through your personal Amazon account. Each time you use the Buy It Now link to purchase books, music or any other items from Amazon, your purchase will benefit the library and help us add new material to our collection.

You can also help the library even when you’re not using the online catalog. Simply make your Amazon purchases by using the following special direct link, which you may want to bookmark. Click on the link, then sign in to your Amazon account as you normally would and make your purchase. Easy!

Image of a Tote Bag

Library Tote Bags

Make a $3 donation to the library and receive a colorful tote made from recycled plastic bottles. The sturdy bag makes the perfect presentation for books, baked goods, grocery shopping and more. Do yourself a favor and get several totes for friends and one for yourself! Just visit your neighborhood library and ask about the totes at the circulation desk. We now accept credit cards at check out so get several!

Friends of Jacksonville Public Library

Friends Groups

Volunteer Recruiting

Volunteer Opportunities

The library welcomes volunteers.
From helping visitors find books or other items to helping staff work with materials, there are plenty of opportunities for you to help!

If you are interested in donating your time, check here.

I love JPL blog

I love JPL blog

This blog invites you to take a look at the difference the Jacksonville Public Library makes in our community, while offering up some easy ways for you to advocate your library.

National Library Week Video Winners

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National Library Week Video 1   National Library Week Video 2

Look Who's Supporting JPL

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Look Who Supports the Library - The Jersey Boys