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Sunshine Pass Program

The Duval Sunshine Pass program is a service provided to the senior citizens of Duval County through the co-operation of several departments of the City of Jacksonville and elderSource. This identification card is intended to provide area seniors with several useful functions and benefits.

Types of Cards:

There are two cards available to seniors wishing to take advantage of this program:

  1. Sunshine Pass: Currently, the Sunshine Pass has three functions. Further developments and additions are planned for the future, including possible merchant and restaurant discounts.
Image of Sunshine Pass card
  1. The JTA Transit Pass: It has two functions of the Sunshine Pass, but no further improvements are planned for this card.
Image of JTA Transit Pass card


  1. Both the Sunshine Pass and the Transit Pass can be used to ride Jacksonville Transportation Authority buses at no charge (for seniors over 60). They can also be used to ride the City's Skyway at a discounted rate of $.10 vs. the normal $.35 rate.
  2. Both the Sunshine Pass and the Transit Pass can be used as your Public Library Card at any of the Jacksonville Public Library locations. (The card must be activated at a library branch before it can be used.)
  3. The Sunshine Pass will be used to track services at the Community and Senior Centers throughout Jacksonville, so that we may serve you better. The JTA Transit Pass does not provide this capability.


The Sunshine Pass card is free of charge. A replacement Sunshine Pass card, however, will cost $1.50. If you choose to get a JTA Transit Pass, the cost is $1.50, the replacement cost $1.50.

Senior Centers

Sunshine Pass cards are available at all Jacksonville Senior Centers.

Transit cards are only available at the Mary L. Singleton Senior Center.

Click here for more information on the Adult Services Division of the City of Jacksonville, as well as maps to the different senior centers.

Need More Information?

Please contact:

Mary L. Singleton Senior Center
150 East First Street
Jacksonville, Florida 32206
(904) 630-0995
Monday - Friday
8:30am - 4pm


The Sunshine Pass program is a combined effort of:

For a printable version of the Sunsine Pass brochure, click here.