The Insight Fall 2009 Talking Book / Special Needs Library Jacksonville Public Library Talking Book Digital Transition Update We are excited to announce that the distribution of the new digital Talking Book player to registered Talking Book customers in Jacksonville has begun. Currently those eligible for digital Talking Book service are veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces, those 100 years old and older followed by anyone who has requested digital service. If you are interested in receiving Talking Books in the new digital format now is the time to contact us so that we can put your name on a waiting list. Those in the digital service testing groups and early recipients of the digital Talking Book player appreciate that the player is much smaller and lighter than the current cassette tape player; that operating instructions are built into the player; that books are now available on a single cartridge instead of multiple cassette tapes that require constant flipping; and the player’s improved audio quality. The library’s current collection of digital books is very small and customers are only allowed to have up to 3 titles at one time. We urge customers to keep their Talking Book cassette players as there still is a wealth of titles and subjects available on cassette. For any questions about the new digital Talking Book service please call 630-1999. New Books Fiction RC068398 A Good Woman by Danielle Steel Wealthy, nineteen-year-old Annabelle Worthington of Manhattan, who loses her father on the Titanic, marries older banker Josiah Millbank. After a scandalous divorce, Annabelle moves to France to study medicine--but her past catches up with her. RC068066 The Given Day by Dennis Lehane Boston, early twentieth century. Policeman Danny Coughlin goes undercover to infiltrate Bolsheviks and anarchists who are recruiting immigrants and workers to cause civil strife. Soon Danny sympathizes with their plight, befriending his family's Irish maid and an African American fugitive. RC068075 Suite 606 by J.D. Robb & others Four romantic tales featuring the supernatural. "Ritual in Death" finds New York policewoman Eve Dallas and her husband investigating a murder with an amnesiac witness. In Mary Blayney's "Love Endures" a couple reunites after the dead husband becomes a ghost. RC068120 Arctic Drift by Clive Cussler Boaters mysteriously die in British Columbia, an explosion targets a scientist with a global-warming remedy, and U.S.-Canadian tensions rise. National Underwater and Marine Agency's Dirk Pitt and his offspring link the incidents to a long-ago arctic expedition and a present-day plot to exacerbate America's energy crisis. “There is a wonder in reading Braille that the sighted will never know: to touch words and have them touch you back.” quote by Jim Fiebig New Books Nonfiction RC065278 Shadow of the Silk Road by Colin Thubron Travel writer chronicles his journey along the ancient Silk Road from central China to the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. Describes his third-class passages, his encounters with the people of central Asia, and witnessing the war in Afghanistan. RC056243 The Clinton Wars by Sidney Blumenthal Firsthand account of Bill Clinton's presidency (1993-2001) by a former senior advisor. After recalling his first encounter with the Clintons in 1987 and the 1992 campaign, Blumenthal details the political conflicts and personal struggles that defined the Clinton White House. Provides perspective on the nature of the American presidency. RC063944 Johann Sebastian Bach: life and work by Martin Geck German professor of musicology examines the career and music of Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750). Highlights the composer's family life and connections to the aristocracy and the Protestant Church. Describes Bach's compositional technique, his music as a reflection of his faith, and the recognition he received. RC067863 Tried by War: Abraham Lincoln as Commander in Chief by James M. McPherson Pulitzer Prize-winning historian highlights the role President Abraham Lincoln played as the head of the U.S. military during the Civil War. Stresses Lincoln's study and application of war strategies and his development of a political and national policy that focused on preserving the union. “Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers” quote by Charles W. Eliot Reading for Children & Young Adults RC067837 How We Know What We Know About Our Changing Climate: Scientists and Kids Explore Global Warming by Lynne Cherry and Gary Braasch Reviews the scientific evidence for worldwide warming by examining data related to changes in bird habitats, blooming seasons, butterfly ranges, tree rings, sizes of ice caps and glaciers, and coastlines. Discusses scientists' recommendations and ways students can conserve energy and reduce their climate footprint. For grades 4-7. RC067830 Ferris Wheel!: George Ferris and His Amazing Invention by Dani Sneed Biography of George Ferris (1859-1896), the American engineer who built a gigantic passenger-carrying wheel for the 1893 World's Fair in Chicago. Describes his education and work experience prior to dreaming up the first Ferris wheel. Discusses construction difficulties, the ride's popularity, and Ferris's financial collapse. For grades 3-6. RC064738 Here's a Little Poem: a Very First Book of Poetry by Jane Yolen More than sixty poems describing children's activities at home and outdoors, from sunup to bedtime. Poets include Hilaire Belloc, Margaret Wise Brown, Nikki Grimes, A.A. Milne, and others from various parts of the English-speaking world. For preschool-grade 2. “A book is the only place in which you can examine a fragile thought without breaking it, or explore an explosive idea without fear it will go off in your face.” quote by Edward P. Morgan Service to Duval County schools and students At the beginning of the 2009-10 school year the Talking Book library staff have been contacting those Duval County schools that are registered for Talking Book service in order to evaluate their level of service for the new school year. We asked to know how many working Talking Book players that the school currently has, if they need replacement players, if they’ve been receiving our book catalogs, and other such questions. We would also like Duval County educators of special needs students to know that we have a growing collection of documentaries and other educational descriptive videos available for classroom showing. We also offer magazines for children on Talking Book cassette such as Cricket, National Geographic Kids, Spider, Sports Illustrated for Kids, and Teen People. If you would like your school to subscribe to these magazines or make changes to your school’s Talking Book service please call 630-1999. Free RFB&D Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic (RFB&D) individual membership is now free thanks to major funding from the U.S. Department of Education, Special Education Programs and the support of private donors. RFB&D provides access to a large audiobook library of textbooks, textbook supplemental materials, and literature titles on DAISY cd or digital download. This service is useful to school students with a visual, physical or learning/reading disability who do not have access to audio recordings of textbooks and other materials essential to their education. In order to play RFB&D materials it is necessary to have access to a specialized DAISY format playback system. The online application for RFB&D membership can be found at the following address: Gleams: Glaucoma Research Foundation newsletter The Glaucoma Research Foundation provides a free newsletter called Gleams. The print edition of Gleams is published three times a year and the email edition is published once a month. Gleams includes information about glaucoma, new treatments, updates on research findings and more. Subscription to this newsletter can be found at the following address: Donations and Memorials The Talking Book Library would like to thank everyone who has helped us this year through their generous donations as well as those whose final wishes included helping us to better serve users of Talking Book Library services in Jacksonville. All gifts and memorial donations to the Talking Book Library are tax-deductible and will be used to acquire materials for circulation as well as supplies to help us better serve our customers. Acknowledgments are sent to all donors. For memorial donations, please remember to include the name of the person for whom the memorial is made and the name and address of those to be notified. If you like…Karen Kingsbury You’ll like... Terri Blackstock Beverly Lewis Tracie Peterson Lori Wick Janette Oke Francine Rivers Jan Karon Eugenia Price Free Jewish Materials The JBI International offers a large collection of Jewish interest books and magazines on audio recording, Braille and large print free to the blind, visually impaired, physically handicapped and reading disabled of all ages and backgrounds. The JBI International is an Affiliated Library of the Library of Congress and provides the largest collection of its kind in the world. The broad scope of their collection includes fiction, biography, history, current events, cookbooks, humor and more. The collection contains materials in seven languages including materials in two-languages such as English and Hebrew. Materials can be searched for via the online catalog and registered patrons may receive print catalogs. For more information about this service call toll-free 1-800-433-1531 or visit their website at Additional Subject Codes Those customers who receive books based on their reading interests might be interested in adding some of the following subject codes to their profile: Adventure — Nonfiction Aging and Retirement Archaeology Biotechnology Books from TV & Movies Christian Romance Civil War Disaster Environment & Ecology Food and Food History Genealogy Gothic Fiction Harlequin Book Historical Romance Independent Living Skills Cozy Mystery Outdoor Sports and Recreation Pioneers and Frontier Life Western Romance Space Exploration Described Movie Fall/Winter Series This Fall/Winter the Talking Book/Special Needs Library is hosting a free movie series in described format in the Main Library Auditorium. Call 630-1999 for more information. Bruce Almighty Friday October 16th at 10:00am Chicago Friday November 20th at 10:00am A Season for Miracles Thursday December 18th at 10:00am Insight Online The Jacksonville Talking Book Library’s Newsletter The Insight can now be viewed online at: It can be viewed in the same format as the printed version of the newsletter as well as a text-only version intended to be read by adaptive technology screen reading programs such as ZoomText, OpenBook, JAWS, Kurzweil, etc. Talking Book Library Blog For updated Talking Book Library information and programs visit our blog at this address: Fall Schedule 2009 Holidays & Closings November 11 · Veteran’s Day November 26 — 27 · Thanksgiving Talking Books Library Staff Tim Meusel, Tape Inspector Chris Eaton, Librarian Solomon Oliver, Page Juan Thomas, Library Assistant Jerry Reynolds, Manager We’re on the Web! Healthy Eating Booklist RC060157 Fix-it and Forget-it Lightly: Healthy, Low-fat Recipes for Your Slow Cooker. 2004 by Phyllis Pellman Good RC066340 Moosewood Restaurant Simple Suppers: Fresh Ideas for the Weeknight Table. 2005 by the Moosewood Collective RC067688 Eat, Drink, and be Healthy: the Harvard Medical School Guide to Healthy Eating. 2005 by Walter C. Willett RC067081 Hungry Girl: Recipes and Survival Strategies for Guilt-free Eating in the Real World. 2008 by Lisa Lillien RC065528 The Sneaky Chef: Simple Strategies for Hiding Healthy Foods in Kids' Favorite Meals. 2007 by Missy Chase Lapine THE INSIGHT Main Library 303 N. Laura St. Jacksonville, Florida 32202 Phone: 904-630-1999 Fax: 904-630-0604 TDD: 904-630-2740 Hours: Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm