The Insight Summer 2008 Talking Book / Special Needs Library Jacksonville Public Library Recordings for Recovery Some of our customers who call our office or drop by have asked us if we provide any sort of recorded music for them to listen to on their Talking Book player. At this time there is no such collection available to Talking Book recipients in our local collection or in the state of Florida. However, there is an organization called Recordings for Recovery that provides this service to those individuals who are eligible for Talking Book service. Recordings for Recovery was established to promote the use of music with special populations to enhance their quality of life. They provide a wide array of listening entertainment including music of many different styles such as Country & Western, Classical, Jazz, Folk, Ethnic, Hymns & Spirituals, Children’s, Easy Listening, Holiday and much more. The also offer music by era from the 1930s through the 1990s with a selection of over 1400 titles that can be played on a Talking Book player or any other tape player. The administrators of this service actually suggest that their tapes be listened to on a standard commercial tape player because of the limitations of tone in the Talking Book player. All materials are mailed as Free Matter for the Blind or Handicapped. Recordings for Recovery can be reached at 1-800-798-1192 Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays between 1pm and 5pm. Please call them if you would like more information or to apply for this service. New Books Fiction RC065212 Saving Elijah by Fran Dorf As psychologist Dinah Galligan sits by the bedside of Elijah, her comatose five-year-old son, she hears the strains of a lullaby she often sings to him. Soon she makes a bargain with the devil, who appears in the guise of a former lover, to save Elijah's life. RC064805 Busy Bodies by Joan Hess Artist Zeno Gorgias creates controversy at his new Farberville residence with unconventional lawn performance art that features Zeno's nearly nude mistress. After Zeno's house burns down, his estranged wife's body is found in the wreckage. Widowed bookstore owner and amateur sleuth Claire Malloy sets out to prove Zeno's innocence. RC064695 The Gates to Witch World [comprising Witch world, Web of the Witch World, and Year of the Unicorn] by Andre Norton Presents the first three volumes in the Witch World series. In Witch World secret agent Simon Tregarth flees his customary reality through a portal and ends up in a medieval land of magic where the forces of evil threaten three benevolent witches. RC062861 The Painted Drum by Louise Erdrich Estate appraiser Faye Travers steals a valuable Ojibwe drum that speaks to her. The story of the drum's origins and the people associated with it unfolds as Faye tracks its proper owners. If there are books that you have requested and have not yet received we may be able to acquire them for you outside of the state of Florida through Interlibrary Loan. Call us at 630-1999 to review your request list and see if there are any titles that are eligible. New Books Nonfiction RC065009 The Assault on Reason by Al Gore Former United States vice president denounces the unhealthy atmosphere of American politics and posits that democracy is in danger. Decries media consolidation, threats against the judiciary, and the denigration of science. Suggests restoring the "rule of reason." RC064544 Supercrunchers: How Thinking by Numbers is the New Way to be Smart by Ian Ayers Yale economist contends that information culled from huge databases, such as those created by Amazon and Google, can provide insight into human behavior and make accurate predictions if properly analyzed. Discusses the use of number crunching in medical diagnosis, online dating, airline ticket pricing, and baseball recruitment. RC064384 Blood Justice by Tom Henderson Discusses the investigation by Michigan's cold-case squad into the rape and murder of two women--music professor Margarette Eby in 1985 and flight attendant Nancy Ludwig in 1991--years after their deaths. Describes the use of DNA evidence to find and convict the killer in 2002. RC065222 The Summer of 1787: the Men who Invented the Constitution by Amy Sutherland Attorney studies the debates held on political and economic issues during the 1787 Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia. Highlights the roles of George Washington, George Mason, James Madison, and John Rutledge, among others. Contrasts the New Jersey and the Virginia plans and the problems concerning slavery and new territories. “A book is the most effective weapon against intolerance and ignorance.” quote by Lyndon Baines Johnson Reading for Children & Young Adults RC064494 A Race Against Time by Carolyn Keene The money Nancy Drew helped raise for the River Heights Biking for Bucks charity race is missing. Nancy's team--consisting of her pals Bess and George and Nancy's boyfriend, Ned--competes while Nancy searches for the culprit. For grades 3-6. RC064829 Hurricane Katrina: Aftermath of Disaster by Barb Palser Traces the path of the worst natural disaster in U.S. history, Hurricane Katrina, which hit the Gulf Coast in August 2005. Describes the devastation caused by the storm and people's responses, including relief efforts by organizations and individual acts of heroism. For grades 6-9. RC064121 Mercy Watson Fights Crime by Kate DiCamillo Mercy, a pig, loves buttered toast. One night her cravings lead her to the kitchen, where she finds a thief trying to steal the Watson's toaster. Beginning chapter book. For grades K-3. RC064879 Tamar by Mal Peet Two Dutchmen codenamed Tamar and Dart lead the resistance against the Nazis. Enduring starvation, Tamar lives with his lover Marijke while Dart resides at a hospital. Decades later a fifteen-year-old British girl named Tamar investigates her family's past. Some violence and some strong language. For senior high readers. “Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few are to be chewed and digested.” quote by Francis Bacon The Jacksonville Public Library also offers a survey called Counting Opinions that is available online at the following address: The Jacksonville Public Library considers this survey very important. Insight Online The Jacksonville Talking Book Library’s Newsletter The Insight can now be viewed online at our homepage: It can be viewed in the same format as the printed version of the newsletter as well as a text-only version intended to be read by adaptive technology screen reading software such as ZoomText, OpenBook, JAWS, Kurzweil, etc. Donations and Memorials The Talking Book Library would like to thank everyone who has helped us this year through their generous donations as well as those whose final wishes included helping us to better serve users of Talking Book Library services in Jacksonville. All gifts and memorial donations to the Talking Book Library are tax-deductible and will be used to acquire materials for circulation as well as supplies to help us better serve our customers. Acknowledgments are sent to all donors. For memorial donations, please remember to include the name of the person for whom the memorial is made and the name and address of those to be notified. If you like...Nora Roberts You’ll like… Amanda Quick Jayne Ann Krentz Mary Balogh Jennifer Crusie Jude Deveraux Christina Dodd Debbie Macomber New Descriptive Movies DVD DW070242 Beat the Devil DW070243 And Then There Were None DW070245 A Touch of Frost: Not With Kindness DW070246 A Touch of Frost: Conclusions DW070247 A Touch of Frost: Care and Protection DW070248 Hercules Unchained DW070249 The Giant of Marathon DW070250 Dishonored Lady DW070251 David & Goliath DW070252 Antony & Cleopatra DW070254 Trinity is Still My Name DW070256 Inside Man DW070257 Evan Almighty DW070258 Miami Vice DW070259 Knocked Up DW070260 Munich DW070261 The Passion of the Christ VHS DV011811 The Lady and the Highywayman DV011812 A Touch of Frost: Not With Kindness DV011813 A Touch of Frost: Conclusions DV011814 A Touch of Frost: Care and Protection DV011816 Antony & Cleopatra DV011817 David & Goliath DV011818 Dishonored Lady DV011819 The Giant of Marathon DV011820 Hercules Unchained DV011821 Obsession DV011822 Woman on the Run DV011823 The Scarlet Letter DV011824 Guilty Conscience DV011825 The Chinese Connection DV011826 Get Christie Love! DV011827 A Special Day DV011828 Escape from Sobibor Call 630-1999 to have a descriptive video catalog mailed to you. Spring 2008 Survey Results The Talking Book / Special Needs Library conducted a customer survey as part of our Spring 2008 newsletter. In the weeks following its distribution the responses came pouring in. We would like to thank everyone who took part in our survey. Some customers wrote notes on their completed surveys but since they were mailed anonymously we were unable to resolve these issues. Please call us at 630-1999 if you have any questions or concerns. 1. Has the Talking Book Library staff been courteous, prompt and helpful when you called or visited the library? 100% YES 2. How often do you contact the Talking Book Library for assistance? 58% MONTHLY 9% WEEKLY 33% NEVER 3. Are you satisfied with the number of books that you receive? 79% YES 16% TOO MANY 5% TOO FEW 4. If you receive books that are selected based upon your reading interests are you receiving enough to satisfy your reading habits? 91% YES 9% NO 5. Have you ever received a descriptive video? 30% YES 70% NO 6. How long have you been a customer of the Talking Book Library? 20% LESS THAN 1 YEAR 27% 1 TO 3 YEARS 38% 3 TO 10 YEARS 15% MORE THAN 10 YEARS 7. How would you rate the quality of the Insight newsletter? 59% EXCELLENT 35% GOOD 3% FAIR 3% POOR 8. How would you rate your overall Talking Book Library service? 81% EXCELLENT 18% GOOD 1% FAIR Overdrive Digital Audio Books The Jacksonville Public Library offers digital audio book downloads for its customers who are registered users of the library and have access to a computer with broadband internet connection. The service, called Overdrive, can be accessed from the library’s webpage at The collection features many recent bestsellers as well as a wide array of fiction genres and nonfiction subjects. Books can be searched for by author, title and keyword or just browsed in separate categories. The Overdrive website is accessible by screen reading and/or magnification programs. In order to listen to a digital audio book that has been downloaded, customers first need to download Overdrive’s media console. There are some minimum system requirements needed in order to use the Overdrive media console that must be considered. Once downloaded, books can be accessed on a personal computer, stored on a portable device such as an mp3 player or iPod, and some may be burned to CD. Each book downloaded has its own loan period that will expire. The features of the Overdrive media console includes variable playing speed, a skip back 15 seconds option, ability to resume from the farthest played point, a bookmark and the other basic features associated with digital audio playback. In many cases Talking Book Library customers are not registered users of the Jacksonville Public Library. If you would like to try Overdrive and do not have a library card please call us at 630-1999 and Talking Books staff can assist you in completing an application for an e-library online card with PIN number. Attention Veterans We need all registered Talking Book recipients who are veterans of the United States armed forces to contact us to make sure that this information is included in your profile. As a veteran you are eligible to be some of the first Talking Book readers to receive the new digital Talking Book machine and books when they are available. Don’t miss out on this opportunity. Did You Know? Residing here in Jacksonville is a very talented young musician named Conrad Oberg. Conrad has been performing the blues and rock-n-roll music to crowds large and small for over 8 years. What makes Conrad’s musical talent especially unique is that he has no vision in his left eye and only slight vision in his right eye. Even though he is only 13 years old, Conrad maintains quite a busy touring schedule as well as finding time to record albums. To see when Conrad might be playing near you, check out his website at or check the entertainment section in the Florida Times Union (available through NFB Newsline) or the Folio Weekly for locations and times. Summer Schedule 2008 Holidays & Closings September 1 · Labor Day Talking Books Library Staff Jerry Reynolds, Manager Chris Eaton, Librarian Juan Thomas, Library Assistant Solomon Oliver, Page Tim Meusel, Tape Inspector We’re on the Web! Physical Fitness Booklist RC056590 Aqua Fitness: the Low-Impact Total Body Fitness Workout. 2002 by Mimi Rodriguez Adami RC055750 Eight Minutes in the Morning: a Simple Way to Start Your Day that Burns Fat and Sheds the Pounds. 2001 by Jorge Cruise RC053448 The Healing Power of Exercise: Your Guide to Preventing and Treating Diabetes, Depression, Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, Arthritis, and More. 2000 by Linn Goldberg RC058384 Ultimate Fitness: the Quest for Truth about Exercise and Health. 2003 by Gina Kolata RC048773 Body for Life: Twelve Weeks to Mental and Physical Strength. 1999 by Bill Phillips THE INSIGHT Main Library 303 N. Laura St. Jacksonville, Florida 32202 Phone: 904-630-1999 Fax: 904-630-0604 TDD: 904-630-2740 Hours: Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm