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Library Administration

Barbara A.B. Gubbin Director
Jennifer Giltrop Deputy Director Public Services
Mark Merritt Deputy Director, Administration and Finance
Gretchen Mitchell Assistant Director, Support Services
Heath Keller Assistant Director, Planning and Facilities
Chris Boivin Assistant Director, Community Relations and Marketing
Julie McNeil Assistant Director for Public Services
Amber Holley Manager of Youth Services
Richard Mott Manager for Strategic Initiatives
Lisa Peterson Technology Systems Administrator
Karen Walker Manager of e-Services and Digital Access
Lynn Jacobson Bibliographic Systems and Access Manager
Sara Roberts Pablo Creek Region Manager
Michael Sullivan Main/Urban Core Manager
Keli Likins Southeast Region Manager
Marshelle Berry Webb Wesconnett Region Manager
Jane Harris West Region Manager
Erin Vance Skinner Chair, Board of Library Trustees

If you wish to contact one of the members of the Administration regarding any matter, please fill out the form below: