Documentary (VHS)

Holding ID Title Rating
DV010043 Amelia Earhart: the Price of Courage. NR
DV010045 America and the Holocaust: Deceit and Indifference NR
DV010216 Assignment Discovery: an Inside Look: the Flu. NR
DV011647 Assignment Discovery: Lewis & Clark; a Scientific… NR
DV011669 Assignment Discovery: Seas of Life; Coral Seas. NR
DV011646 Assignment Discovery: Tales of Poe and Wuthering… NR
DV010215 Assignment Discovery: the Human Body; part 1. NR
DV011659 Assignment Discovery: World War II. NR
DV011751 Assignment Discovery: Your Genes, Your Future. NR
DV010127 B-29: Frozen In Time. NR
DV000093 Baseball: v.1: First Inning, the 1840s-1900; Our Game. NR
DV000128 Baseball: v.2: Second Inning, 1900-1910; Something… NR
DV000129 Baseball: v.3: Third Inning, 1910-1920; the Faith… NR
DV000130 Baseball: v.4: Fourth Inning, 1920-1930; a National… NR
DV000131 Baseball: v.5: Fifth Inning, 1930-1940; Shadow Ball. NR
DV000132 Baseball: v.6: Sixth Inning, 1940-1950; the National… NR
DV000133 Baseball: v.7: Seventh Inning, 1950-1960; the Capital… NR
DV000134 Baseball: v.8: Eighth Inning, 1960-1970; a Whole New… NR
DV000135 Baseball: v.9: Ninth Inning, 1970-present; Home. NR
DV010046 The Battle of the Bulge: World War II's... NR
DV010149 The Civil War: a Very Bloody Affair: 1862. NR
DV010150 The Civil War: Forever Free: 1862. NR
DV010154 The Civil War: Most Hallowed Ground: 1864. NR
DV010152 The Civil War: the Universe of Battle: 1863. NR
DV010157 Eisenhower: Soldier and Statesman. NR
DV010139 Eyes On the Prize: Bridge to Freedom. NR
DV010135 Eyes On the Prize: Fighting Back. NR
DV010138 Eyes On the Prize: Mississippi: Is This America? NR
DV010137 Eyes On the Prize: No Easy Walk. NR
DV010145 FDR: Fear Itself, 1921-1933. NR
DV010144 FDR: the Center of the World, 1882-1921. NR
DV010146 FDR: the Grandest Job in the World, 1933-1940. NR
DV010147 FDR: the Juggler, 1940-1945. NR
DV011645 The Future of the Milky Way. NR
DV011356 Galileo: On the Shoulders of Giants. NR
DV010047 Geronimo and the Apache Resistance. NR
DV011755 Grass. NR
DV010184 Hurricane! NR
DV000043 In Search of Human Origins, episode 1: the Story… NR
DV000114 In Search of Human Origins, episode 2: Surviving… NR
DV000115 In Search of Human Origins, episode 3: the Creative… NR
DV010270 Inside Look: Broken Bones; Heart Attack NR
DV010089 The Kennedys: the Early Years, 1900-1961. NR
DV010090 The Kennedys: the Later Years, 1962-1980. NR
DV010185 Killer Quake! NR
DV011830 Killer Whales in the Wild. NR
DV010085 Last Stand at Little Big Horn. NR
DV010132 Lightning! NR
DV000049 Midnight Ramble: the Story of the Black NR
DV010042 The Miracle of Life. NR
DV000094 Mystery Of the Senses: Hearing. NR
DV000124 Mystery Of the Senses: Smell. NR
DV000125 Mystery Of the Senses: Taste. NR
DV000126 Mystery Of the Senses: Touch. NR
DV000127 Mystery Of the Senses: Vision. NR
DV010225 The Private Life of Plants: Branching Out NR
DV011603 Runaway Universe. NR
DV010034 This Old Pyramid. NR
DV011551 A Tickle In the Heart. NR
DV010187 Vietnam: a Television History, Vol. 2. NR
DV010188 Vietnam: a Television History, Vol. 3. NR
DV010189 Vietnam: a Television History, Vol. 4. NR
DV010190 Vietnam: a Television History, Vol. 5. NR
DV010191 Vietnam: a Television History, Vol. 6. NR
DV010192 Vietnam: a Television History, Vol. 7. NR
DV010186 Vietnam: a Television History, Vol. 1. NR
DV011512 Voice of the Fugitive; and Fields of Endless Day. NR
DV011517 Welcome to Canada. NR
DV011710 Why the Towers Fell. NR
DV011605 Wild Discovery: Clever Critters. NR
DV011747 Zambia's African Wilderness: Jamu the Orphaned... NR