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Map Collections

The Map Collection is located in two departments, based upon their subject area:

Lewis Ansbacher Map Collection

The Lewis Ansbacher Map Collection contains some 244 antiquarian maps of Florida and Florida cities, North and South America, and the world. It includes historical views and plates focusing on northern Florida. This bequest is made possible through the generosity of the Lewis and Sybil Ansbacher Family Foundation; Sybil Ansbacher, wife of the late Mr. Ansbacher; and his brother, Jordan Ansbacher.

The collection is housed in the Morris Ansbacher Map Room on the fourth floor of the Main Library.

Images of the maps in the Lewis Ansbacher Map Collection (15 pages) and the engravings in the Jacques Le Moyne Engravings Collection (3 pages) .
Printer-Friendly Map Collection Guides

U.S. Government Maps

Representing the bulk of the Library's map collection, U.S. Government Maps is located in the Government Documents Collection on the fourth floor of the Main Library.

If you need assistance, please ask for help at the Information Desk.

The collection is worldwide in scope, containing physical, political, topographic and geologic maps, and navigational charts.  Reference maps include USGS Topographic (U.S., Florida and Georgia), FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM), nautical maps and aeronautical charts.

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Historical Maps

Online Digital Sanborn Maps   (*Remote Access)   (In-Library Use)
*Instructions for Accessing Sanborn Maps Through *Remote Access

Current Sanborn Holdings at JPL.

The Library's collection in print format is bound in large, oversized books which can be cumbersome to use. Patrons are encouraged to use the Online or Microfilm formats as a way to gain easier access to map information. Library staff is always available for assistance with all three formats.

These valuable resources are located in the Florida Collection on the fourth floor of the Main Library.

They consist of a varied assortment of original maps, reproductions and photocopies ranging from the late 16th Century to the present day.  While none of the Florida Collection maps can be checked out, all are available for review and study in the Collection whenever the Library is open!  This map collection consists of two main groups, Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps and Florida and Southeastern U.S. History Maps, which are described in more detail below:

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