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The Huguenots were French Protestants. The tide of the Reformation reached France early in the sixteenth century and was part of the religious and political ...

Huguenot Historical Society Who were the Huguenots?

The Huguenots were French Protestants most of whom eventually came to follow the teachings of John Calvin, and who, due to religious persecution, were forced to flee France to other countries in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Some remained, practicing their Faith in secret.

Catholic Encyclopedia: Huguenots - New Advent

A name by which the French Protestants are often designated. Its etymology is uncertain.

Huguenot Society of South Carolina History of the Huguenots

The name Huguenot was given to French Protestants who were influenced by Martin Luther's preaching early in the 16th century, and who later established a reformed church following the teachings of John Calvin.

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Huguenots of Ireland

Around the start of the eighteenth century, as Irish conditions became more settled, two groups of continental Protestant refugees were settled in the country with official, or semi-official help. The first of these, the Huguenots, were French Calvinists persecuted intermittently by the Catholic rulers of France throughout the seventeenth century.

Huguenot & Walloon Genealogy

Finding a Huguenot Ancestor

The breaking out of war between France and Spain in 1635 caused a large influx of Protestant refugees into England from Picardy, Artois, Hainault and Flanders. Amiens was the capital of the Amienois in Picardy. The Huguenots were in full force in Amiens. Louis de Berguin, a Walloonfrom Artois first maintained the Reformed doctrines in 1527 and was burnt in Paris for these beliefs.

French Huguenot Church (Charleston, South Carolina)

French Huguenot Church

Les Huguenots grand opera

Les Huguenots is a French opera by Giacomo Meyerbeer, one of the most popular and spectacular examples of the style of grand opera. The opera is in five acts and premiered in Paris in 1836. The libretto was written by Eugène Scribe and Émile Deschamps.

Books on Huguenots in the Special Collections Department

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