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County Court Records

Clay County | Duval County | St. Johns County

Clay County

Court Records (1850-1925)
Chancery orders (1885-1925)
Microfilm consists of public records, such as bill for divorce, claims against estates, etc.
Tract books (1850-1860)
Microfilm consists of public lands acquired by private owners, including names of purchaser, description of tract, amount of money, etc.
Deed Records (1871-1915)
Microfilm set consists of deed records.
Military Records (1917-1944)
Microfilm consists of military "discharge papers" records.
Mortgage Records (1872-1903)
Microfilm consists of mortgage records by grantor.

Duval County

Archibald Records (1822-1894)
Microfilm set consists of land records named for J.W. Archibald of the Title and Trust Company of Florida. The Archibald Records contain copies of the abstract company's records which were the only land records available following the destruction of the official records in the Jacksonville fire of 1901.
Deed Records (1822-1923)
Microfilm set includes direct index to deeds (1901-1923) and reverse index to deeds (1901-1923).
Marriages Records (1823-1963)
Microfilm set includes marriage certificates (1823-1927), register of marriages (1889-1931), and marriage license applications (1915-1927) and an index to marriage records (1823-1963).
Mortgage Records (1901-1923)
Microfilm set includes index to mortgagors (1901-1923) and index to mortgagees (1901-1923).
Probate Records (1822-1922)
Microfilm set includes indexed Last Wills and Testatments (1866-1922), Letters Testamentary and Administration (1865-1902), Orders, Petitions, and Oaths of Administration(1892-1908), Order Books in Probate (1845-1878), Homestead Exemptions (1851-1893), Index to Probate Packets (1805-1960), Probate Packets (nos. 1-2269), Index to Judgements and Decrees (1901-1922), and Index to Satisfactions and Assignments of Judgement (1904-1923).

St. Johns County

Court Records (1821-1893)
Microfilm set includes civil and chancery cases in circuit court, all types of cases in Territorial Superior Court; civil and criminal cases and miscellaneous papers in territorial County Court; court minutes, and county chancery book.
  • County Miscellaneous Court Files (1821-1930)
  • County Circuit Court Minutes (1846-1891)
  • County Court Minutes (1827-1845; 1869-1893)
  • County Chancery Book (1854-1876)
Deed Records (1820-1873)
Microfilm set includes land and property deed records (1820-1897) indexed by grantor and grantee. This also includes tax deed records and lien books from 1867-1873).
Marriage Records (1824-1953)
Microfilm set includes marriage licenses (1927-1953) and marriage records (1824-1840).
Military Records (1917-1944)
Microfilm includes military records of "discharge papers" of St. Johns County soldiers and sailors.
Tax Deed Records (1867-1916)
Microfilm consists of tax deed records and lien books.
  • Tax Deeds Volume A (1867-1873)
  • Lien Book Volume A (1869-1889)
  • Lien Book Volume B (1889-1916)