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Delius Collection

Portrait of Delius
Frederick Delius, c.1907 from a postcard in the Grainger Museum
Artist sketch of Delius Cottage

Delius Cottage

Sketch by Delius

Pencil Sketch by Frederick Delius (Florida/1885) in the Jacksonville Public Library Delius Collection

Delius Bas-Relief & Memorial

Delius Memorial, Solano Grove, Florida

The Delius Collection is located in the Main Library, and is an assemblage of resources relating to Frederick Delius, the British composer who resided in the Jacksonville area during 1884-85.

The Collection was begun in the late 1940's by Mrs. Martha Richmond, who discovered the Delius cottage  on the St. John's River. The cottage is now on the grounds of Jacksonville University.

For more information about the Delius Collection, contact the Library at (904) 630-2409.

Collection Inventory

Over 400 items, including:

  • Monographs
  • Music scores
  • Manuscripts
  • Photocopies of many Delius letters
  • Original typescripts, including letters and local reminiscences about Delius' time in Florida
  • Photocopies of material held by the Delius Trust in London
  • Theses and dissertations about Delius
  • Papers of the Delius Association of Florida
  • The Delius Society Journal
  • Materials from the Delius Festival, held annually in Jacksonville, Florida
  • Reprints and photocopies of significant periodical articles about Delius
To Find Items

Delius Collection resources are included in the Library's online catalog.

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Delius Bas-Relief & Memorial

Detail of Bas-relief of Frederick Delius by Mr. Derby Ulloa on commission from the Delius Association of Florida for the Delius Memorial.